GDPR - We've got you covered


Before GDPR deadline day in May 2018 we noticed that everyone was talking about it, on the television, in the papers and even the radio were full of many scare stories of huge fines and terrible consequences for charities should they fall foul of new GDPR guidelines.


However now after the deadline day has been and gone, how have things changed in this post GDPR era? Talking to our customers we have found that the biggest concern is that most are just confused by the multitude of guidelines, some of which seem to tell you one thing and then something completely different further on down the page. We know that these rules are far from clear and so numerous, that it often seems a daunting task to figure out if what you are mailing falls within the correct rules.

Many organisations have been ill advised and as a consequence their mailing lists have been decimated. Here at PFC we have worked long and hard to untangle the mystery of GDPR and its many complex rules and will be happy to help you with any GDPR questions you may have.

By letting PFC's mail your next pack we will work "with you" to make sure that you can still mail with confidence and reach customers and prospects.

Want to know more about GDPR and mailing please feel free to give us a call on 01905 797000