Sometimes we can all have our heads in the clouds, but is it really where we want our data?

For a skilled hacker, a cloud based system is a treasure trove of sensitive data, all just a few clicks away. When a breach occurs, the impact isn’t just limited to legal issues. Imagine the loss of confidence of your supporters and brand damage, the impact will be felt for years.

System vulnerabilities, or exploitable bugs in programs are nothing new, but they have become an increasing problem with the advent of multi tenancy. When in cloud computing you upload data to the cloud that is not your space alone, it is part of a massive bank of memory subdivided between multiple parties. Vulnerabilities in shared technology pose a significant threat to cloud computing. Service providers share infrastructure, platforms, and applications, and if a vulnerability arises in any of these layers, it affects everyone. One single vulnerability or misconfiguration can lead to a compromise across an entire cloud.

Did you know that two-thirds of all enterprise cloud services are not on track to meet European Union General data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements?

With PFC all your data is analysed and updated in-house, by PFC employees, no third parties, no web, no cloud, no concerns!

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